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Risk Mitigtion and Business Continuity Market Segments

With a multitude of uncertain forces and opposition, it is essential to be able to identify and align risk strategy in a world wide marketplace. Political instability, natural disasters, terrorism, and pandemics are a just a few example sceneries that effect business infrastructure such as energy, transportation and production. Chimera International LLC. (CI), professionals understand the constantly evolving environment of business interruption possibilities and provides clients with crisis management solutions that minimize the impact in the event of a catastrophic event. CI is committed to helping our clients secure their future for their employees, shareholders and customers.

CI provides a variety of services including threat and vulnerability assessments, critical asset identification and protection to critical infrastructures such as energy, transportation, manufacturing and technology. CI develops client focused engagement plans that prepare Corporate, Private Industry, Government and Non-Government organizations to manage any given crisis.


Chimera International
Operational & strategic consultants
We specialize in risk mitigation for:

  • Corporations
  • Private Industry
  • Government
  • Non Goverment (NGO)
  • Military


To learn more about how create and sustain a secure business operational environment against the relentless challenges of an unpredictable future, contact us today.

Through vulnerability assessments, training and education we enable Businesses, Government and Non-Government organizations Defense-in-Depth operatioanl strategires to protect their assets, capital, employees and brand reputation without limiting their operation and lifestyle.