• risk management
    business continuity
    Operational and
    Strategic Consulting
    Specializing in Enterprise
    Risk Mitigation
  • risk management
    business continuity
    Business Interruption and
    Emergency Response Planning
    Risk Mitigation using
    Defense-in-Depth Strategy
  • risk management
    business continuity
    Strategic Operational Consulting
    • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Catestrophic Contingencies
    • Security Assessment
  • risk management
    business continuity
    Are You Gambling with Your Assets?
    We Provide Solutions for Establishing
    a Secure Environment for Private Industry,
    Government and Non-government Organizations.

Operational & strategic consultants - specializing in Enterprise risk mitigation

Global Strategic Operational Consulting Solutions. We identify, analyze, respond to, and monitor risks and opportunities, within the internal and external environment that faces enterprise.

Mitigation ServicesBusiness Continuity Solutions

Chimera International business continuity solutions include risk management, access control, security & loss prevention, catastrophic (CAT) exposure, cyber threat & espionage, insider threat, terroism, close protection, kidnapping...

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Market SegmentsWho We Serve

Chimera's defense-in-depth strategires provides Corporate, Government and Private Organizations the means to assess, plan and implement operational strategies that safeguard people and assets in the event of an emergency. We can...

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Chimera AdvantageSpecializing in Risk Management

Through vulnerability assessments, training and education we enable businesses to protect their assets, capital, employees and brand reputation without limiting their operation and lifestyle.

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Areas of expertise include:

We specialize in risk mitigation & Business Continuity Solutions

Operational & strategic consulting

Chimera International, LLC, (CI) is a risk management, business continuity and Language company that provides clients with solutions that an unstable, high threat and dynamic world presents. CI's experts understand the constantly evolving environment of business interruption possiblites and provides corproate, government and non-goverment organizations a disciplined strategic approach to measuring and anticipating possible threats and vulnerabilities and developing the best countermeasures.

CI's business model starts with a clear understanding our client's operational objectives and then developing an engagement plan that addresses all levels of the business continuity strategy...

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We measure our success by providing results oriented solutions
that maximize our client's return on investment.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over Three Decades Experience
  • Disciplined Strategic Approach
  • Total Defense in Depth Strategy
  • Real World Case Studies
  • High-level Asset Protection Worldwide
  • Wide Range of Security Resources
  • Risk Mitigation - It's What We Do!